"The training exceeded my expectations. You have opened a door within that was hardly even ajar before."

- Hillevi Brottare, Teamleader, Inteleon AB

Lead Without Formal Authority

Finally, we are launching our open training Lead Without Formal Authority for everyone who leads – even without an official title!

Our leadership training with 20 years of experience and successful results at Volvo, completed over 60 times with a thousand satisfied course participants – is now available for you!

Great leaders are pivotal for a business to survive, develop and thrive. However, leading can be both difficult and challenging.

That’s why Global Leadership’s Lead Without Formal Authority Training, will train and equip you to motivate, develop and lead your team with the best possible prerequisites. Our training provides you with practical and useful tools that will help you implement immediate progress and change. Next, the tools are intended to help develop better self awareness as well as an understanding of yourself and your leadership style – resulting in an increased understanding of how to better lead your employees.

Our leadership training has been tried, tested and is still developing as of 20 years, and is therefore thoroughly and deeply rooted in years of experience and built on a stable scientific foundation. Furthermore we make lots of room for practical moments and exercises, because we believe that it will  set you up to successfully grow in self-awareness and develop as a leader.

And we also believe that it is super important to have fun!

Develop your leadership skills – even without an official title

After completing our Lead Without Formal Authority training you will have developed your knowledge and understanding about how your value-based leadership affects group development, change, communication and much more. Finally, in our training, you will be trained and equipped in leadership through various stages and immediately put the theoretical knowledge you learn into practice.

Global Leadership’s Lead Without Formal Authority is a 4-day leadership training divided into two modules, 2+2 days. We will meet during two consecutive days, on two different occasions.


The training also includes individual coaching with one of the course leaders.


Welcome to 4 days without any limitations of where it may take you!


For whom?

If you are a Team Leader, Manager or Project Leader, or in any other way leading a team – this training is for you!

Lead Without Formal Authority training content

  • Value-based leadership
    – What makes me a leader and what is my leadership style
  • Group development
    – Understanding group dynamics and development towards a high performing team
  • Change management
    – How do I lead in change?
  • Communication and feedback
    – How do I communicate well and use feedback?

Date and location

The Lead Without Formal Authority training is set in Gothenburg.

Each module consists of two consecutive days:
Module 1:  November 9-10, 2023
Module 2:  December 6-7, 2023

Training set up

Module 1

  • How do I become more confident in my leadership role and how do I develop a successful team?
  • How do I master change and create motivation?

Module 2

  • Effective communication, conflict and feedback
  • Understand different behaviors and develop a coaching approach



Johanna Ottosson

Eva Hyllstam


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