Infuse Coaching in your Leadership

Leading your team can be challenging, but also enriching. Seeing your team move toward a common goal and reaching it. Wow! As the leader one tool you can use to get here is a coaching mindset. Infuse the way you talk, interact and meet your colleagues with this and you will start to notice a difference in the trust in each other, but also the overall mood at the office. Together with our partners Expand we are here to help.

What is Infuse Coaching?

You’ll gain knowledge about the science behind coaching and why it is an important ingredient for success.  All the ”whys and hows”, as well as the strength in being a learning, empathetic and vulnerable leader. Yes, showing vulnerability can create a stronger team. Through developing this mindset, our goal is that you get the tools to create psychological safety at your workplace.

But how?

By helping you expand your listening skills and utilizing these as a service for your team. This form of active listening paired with powerful questioning techniques that help you as a leader uncover both challenges, development potential and actions within the workplace. All the information you have uncovered will create insight for you to be able to create sustainable change, and personal awareness, both within yourself, as well as your conversation partners.

How long does it take?

Well the training is composed of 2 learning modules, 2+1 days where Module 1 (2 days) will be onsite in Gothenburg, and Module 2 (1 day) will be online. However your will between modules conduct your own coaching converstions, further growing your skills. If you want to receive a individual coaching session from one of our trainers to feed what its like to have a coaching conversation, this is an available add-on.

Read more about the training details here.

”ROI = ROE – Return on Engagement, you’ll see a higher level of engagement and motivation within your team, which in return equals higher production rates and turnover. ” – Christophe Kittel

What if I want to learn more about coaching?

Great news! We have an ICF Certified Coach Training that starts in September.


Annette Kledal

Christophe Kittel