Dorothea Schander

Main topics: Marketing Strategy, Sales


In my current role, I handle client relations and establish new connections with individuals prioritizing their leadership growth. Simultaneously, I actively develop innovative marketing strategies to promote our company culture within the community.

My skills encompass Digital Strategy, Project Management, Visual Communication, CRM, and Digital Marketing. I have previous experience as a post-production assistant, ensuring seamless content integration on a  health-platform, and supporting their customer service during peak periods.

My proficiency includes Customer Relationship Management, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Writing, and effective teamwork.


Dorothea’s professional journey weaves through the realms of customer service and hospitality, fueled by her innate ability to foster genuine connections with people. She proudly holds a bachelor’s degree in Culture, Aesthetics, and Media from the University of Gothenburg, an academic milestone she achieved in 2020.

Since then, Dorothea has embarked on a dynamic career path that has seen her gather valuable experience in the fields of media and marketing production. Alongside this, she has embraced opportunities in leadership and teamwork training, elevating her skill set and enriching her professional trajectory.


  • CPR
  • Social Media marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Inbound

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