Daniela Dias

Main topics: Leadership Development, Team Development


Daniela started her career working for telecommunication companies like Telefonica and Ericsson and then followed her passion to work with personal development, emotional intelligence, communication for change and leadership for the past 20 years. A teacher at University for elderlies. Worked for 13 years as a volunteer in an NGO helping people and developing projects. CEO of Instituto Paulista de PNL, a Neuro-Linguistic Institute, training people to be successful in their professional and life projects.


Daniela is Business and Personal Consultant, Executive & Life Coach, Master Trainer in NLP. Graduated in Electronic Engineering, with specialization in Business Administration, Human Resources Administration, Business MBA in Business Management and MBA in Visagism.


NLP Master Trainer, Deep Memory Process Trainer, NLP Health Practitioner, Brain Communication Practitioner, Master in Business Administration, Business and Life Coaching, Electronic Engineering.



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