Caroline Mondon

Main topics: Supply Chain Management

For over 25 years, Caroline has been involved in managing operations in French and international manufacturing companies of medium and large sizes and has extensive experience in Supply Chain Management, implementation of Supply Chain functions, expertise in planning and scheduling (Sales & Operation plan) and in turning companies into Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprises. Caroline has more than 20 years of experience as a board member of a professional association promoting innovative educational approaches.

Caroline is an APICS instructor, a certified board member and a qualified trainer of The Fresh Connection serious game in 4 continents and a NLP Master Trainer.  Caroline is the author of a bestselling management book: ”written as a detective novel : “Le chaînon manquant” 3d edition AFNOR, won a national French award in 2008. Revised version illustrating the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) methodology was published in July 2016 ”The missing links” Industrial Press, USA. As master instructor of the Demand Driven Institute, she co-designed the course: Adaptive Enterprise Foundations (AEF).



CFPIM, CSCP, CDDP,  CDDL, NLP Master trainer

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