Global leadership develops companies and people, worldwide. Our research-based content and result-oriented methods contribute to successful and efficient leadership.

Our highly qualified and committed trainers have the ability to analyze businesses and organisations. Together with you we find new ways and adapt our training according to your needs.

We believe that developing your leadership should be simple, easily accessible and not too time-consuming. We offer a complete suite of training solutions or we can customize according to your specific needs. It can be change management, a coaching attitude or how to handle feedback. Our motto is to deliver sustainable services, with high quality, in your local environment.

Our offer

  • Global training for leaders – We work with your values and design training suitable for your company. We have locally based trainers. We are ”glocal”.
  • Research-based content – we see to it that what we teach, what you learn, really makes a difference.
  • Practice and Participation – It’s important for us that participants really grasp the tools for being an inspiring leader. Practical exercises are incorporated into our training. This is how trust is created in the tools and your own ability.

With representation in Europe, Asia, South America and the USA, we offer training in English, Swedish, French, Japanese,  Chinese, Cantonese, Portuguese and Spanish.


Global Leadership collaborates with Felicia Wolontis, Ph.D., whom is working as a researcher in academia and industry in the United States.

Dr. Wolontis has a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Clark University, United States, and a M.Sc. in psychology from Lund University, Sweden. She has 10+ years of experience conducting leadership research, and working with senior executives and specialists in different fields. She has written 3 peer-reviewed publications and 50+ technical reports.

Felicia Wolontis, a PhD student in Development Psychology at Clark University, USA