Lead Without Formal Authority

Unlock Your Leadership Potential – The Lead Without Formal Authority Training

Discover the power of leadership, even without an official title! Global Leadership proudly presents its Lead Without Formal Authority training. Our leadership program has been tried, tested, and continually refined for over two decades, having transformed over 80 units of enthusiastic participants.

It is firmly grounded in extensive experience and founded on a solid scientific base. We also prioritize practical experiences and exercises because we believe that personal growth and leadership development should be enjoyable. This is the English version of the training program Leda utan att vara chef.

Global Leadership’s Lead Without Formal Authority Training furnishes you with the skills to inspire, develop, and lead your team effectively, regardless of your formal position. Our training offers practical, actionable tools that drive immediate progress and change. These tools also foster self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your unique leadership style, ultimately enhancing your ability to lead your teammates more effectively.

Elevate Your Leadership Abilities—Even Without an Official Title

Upon completing our training, you’ll have a heightened understanding of how your value-based leadership impacts group development, change management, conflict management, communication, and much more. Moreover, our training guides you through various leadership stages, allowing you to immediately apply the theoretical knowledge you gain.

Global Leadership’s “Lead Without Formal Authority” is a 4-day leadership training program divided into two modules, each comprising 2 days with around a month in between each module.


Our training also includes individual coaching sessions with one of our experienced course leaders.

Join us for these 4 days of unlimited growth potential!

And we also believe that it is super important to have fun!

Who Should Attend?

Whether you’re a Teamleader, Manager, Project Manager, or in any other leadership occupation, this training is tailored for you!

Read the PDF about Lead Without Formal Authority here. 


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