Coach Training

Become an ICF Certified Coach

Accelerate your development and learn powerful techniques to motivate others with Expand coach training approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Get the best out of yourself both personally and professionally and learn how you can motivate others to thrive and improve on the ICF-accredited Certificate in Coaching for Managers, Executives and coaches’ program. Coaching is a well-recognized method for personal and professional development, based on academic research and proven psychological approaches to leadership. Our Coach Training Certificate gives you a unique opportunity to build your coaching skills in action. Delivered by some of Denmark’s highest ICF certified coaches with more than 20 years of combined experience. Moreover the coach team has experience as former international senior executive at a major corporation. They emphasize practical personal training to ensure you get measurable results. After completing the program, you will receive a Certified Coach Diploma from Expand.

Who is the Coach Training for?

This Coach Training is for Managers, Executives and Coaches, Leaders or HR professionals. Anyone who would like to become certified as a coach. Our “Certificate in Coaching for Managers and Executives” course meets the high standards set by the ICF.

ICF ACC Certification

Level 1 program

The first certification level is “Associate Certified Coach, ACC”. To be able to obtain the full ICF ACC accredited level 1 program, you will need the certification package.

In addition to having completed the Certificate in Coaching, to achieve this level of certification, you must:

  • Be able to document 100 hours of coaching
  • Have received a further three individual mentor coaching hours
  • Pass an oral evaluation (requires a recording of a 30-45 minute coaching session with full transcription)

If you would like the ACC Level 1 certification, you can purchase our certification package, which includes the three individual mentor coaching hours and the oral examination at the ACC level.

It is possible to take the certification examination with Expand after you have documented 40 hours of coaching. After this you will then be able to apply ICF for the ICF ACC certification once you have completed a total of 100 hours of documented coaching.

The fee you will have to pay directly to ICF (175 USD for members and 325 USD for non members) and pass an online multiple choice test when you apply (ICF credentialing exam). You can register for the ICF ACC certification any time, as it will be an individual certification process.


  • Develop yourself personally and professionally
  • Master highly efficient coaching skills
  • Learn to use proven coaching tools, both as a coach and in your leadership
  • Accelerate growth and performance in your team and organization
  • Explore different approaches to coaching with our highly experienced coaches

Read more about the content of the coaching training in our PDF.


“To participate in this coaching program has been an enriching journey where I’ve delved into deeper layers of myself to gain profound self-awareness. The course has been reflective, providing valuable tools for working with various human states and trusting my intuition as a coach.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this training has been the close interaction with fellow participants who share the same passion for coaching as I do. Through group dialogue and exercises, we’ve fostered an inclusive and supportive environment to explore our own and each other’s coaching abilities.

The teaching has been diverse and varied, making the entire experience incredibly engaging. From theoretical lessons to practical exercises, I’ve gained a wide array of tools and techniques to apply in my own coaching practice.

Most impressive, however, is how I’m now able to investigate and support development amidst complex changes. This program has equipped me with the tools to navigate challenging situations with a greater sense of confidence and competence.

Overall, I highly recommend this coaching program to anyone looking to delve deeper into themselves and enhance their coaching skills.”Tanja Kær Neidel, Training Project Manager, Learning and Development, Novo Nordisk


Annette Kledal, Head of Education

Christophe Kittel, Faculty