About us

We want to introduce the Swedish leadership model into the world.

The world is becoming more global and companies are following in the same direction.  Society has changed and globalisation is considered by many to be the greatest social change since the industrial revolution.  But change can often result in new challenges for a company and its employees.

A global world requires global leaders who can cooperate across borders. Leaders, who can manage these challenges and who can develop companies and employees.  Leaders, with global leadership skills, who can contribute to sustainable decisions with effect over time.

Sweden is the world-best in business, innovation and technology.” 
Business Insider Nordic

We, at Global Leadership, believe in Swedish leadership and its value system. We know that the Swedish model would be beneficial in a globalised world.

It is no coincidence that the small country of Sweden has made such a big impact in the world. Sweden has only 10 million inhabitants and is one of the countries that has produced the most international major companies per capita. Volvo, IKEA, Ericsson and Astra Zeneca are just a few examples.  In recent years, the Swedish start-up scene has also become red-hot.  Companies like Spotify, Klarna, Skype and King has reinforced the image of Sweden as one of the world’s most innovative countries.  This is impressive!

Global Leadership wants to spread the successful Swedish leadership model into the world.  We educate and train skilled leaders, in international Swedish companies, to be the best.  Our training is based on researched content and results-orientated methods. With great commitment, respect and care for you, we offer tailor-made leadership training according to your needs.  We have trainers, facilitators and coaches represented in many parts of the world. It is our strength in the mission to train, educate and coach future leaders in effective Swedish leadership methods.