Catrine Modig

Main topics: UGL, SDI, FIRO-B


Catrine has a wide skillset from a mutliple roles. She has a background in translation and communication sector. Through this she discovered her passion for the power of communication to create collaborative growth journeys. To further develop her abilities she became a certified UGL trainer in 2001 and has since helped a myriad of people reach their leadership goals.


With her extensive experience in group development across defense, government, and corporate sectors internationally, Catrine brings valuable expertise to organizations and individuals. Certified in Sweden’s premier leadership program UGL (Understanding Groups & Leaders), she fosters developmental leadership, emphasizing shared responsibilities to improve teamwork and communication leading to greater employee satisfaction. As a professional development coach, Catrine empowers teams and individuals through compassionate, clear communication and collaborative growth journeys.


  • UGL
  • SDI
  • FIRO-B

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