Yukari Horiguchi

Main topics: Global Leadership, Linguistics, Language and Behaviour Leadership Executive Communication, Executive Coaching NLP Master Trainer



Her business background from banking, retail, and IT industry enables her clients to have a broader view and expand their experience.  She has worked in Japan, United States, and Canada with global perspectives.




Yukari’s specialties in the NLP field include Linguistics and LAB (Language And Behavior) Profile training for company executives, management teams, and engineers.  Corporate training can be facilitated in both English and Japanese. Her mission is“Motivating People Through Communication.” This includes training and teaching people how to communicate more effectively. She teaches a ’Cross-Cultural Communications’ class at one of Japan’s prestigious Tsukuba University, teaching in both Japanese and English.


Seijo University School of Law, NLP Master Trainer, LAB Profile Trainer, NLP Health Practitioner, Wealthymind – Money Clinic Trainer, NLP Coaching Consultant, Executive Coaching




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