Johan Amborg

Main topics: Strategy Deployment, Leadership, Leadership Development, Team Development, Operational Development, Change Management.


With over 30 years of experience in leadership positions within large international corporations, such as HR Manager for Volvo Buses’ European business region and Global Head of Business Development for Volvo Buses with over 6000 employees, I have extensive experience in being part of an executive team.

Additionally, I have experience as a project manager in Six Sigma projects at Volvo Cars and Ford Motor Company.

I have a solid background in change management within large international corporations and have worked with leaders at all levels of the organization, from the board, CEOs, and executive management to first-line managers. My work includes developing leaders, groups, organizations, operations, and cultures.

I have significant experience in handling conflicts between individuals and groups within larger organizations.


I have worked for over 25 years supporting managers, executive teams, corporate leadership, boards, and project managers, with broad and deep experience in business, team, and leadership development across various sectors including corporate, governmental agencies, municipalities, and county councils.

I have significant experience working on collaboration in large infrastructure projects for the Swedish Transport Administration since 2013, serving as Collaboration Manager, moderator, and process leader in collaboration efforts between clients, designers, and contractors.

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