Charlotta Brynger

Main topics: Cross-cultural management, Multicultural teams, Cultural transformation and diversity, Leading across cultures


Charlotta is a Professor of Practice for the Humanities and Leadership at Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School, a cross-cultural consultant and facilitator, and a Thought Leader in Cross-cultural Management and Transformation at Global Minds Network. She has been on the Board of SIETAR Europa (The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) as Direct Member Representative.

Having lived in a multicultural environment for most of her life and 16 years divided between the USA, France, Netherlands, Germany, and Italy, she is well acquainted with the challenges posed by cultural differences, but not least how Diversity can enrich us.

For more than ten years, she services organizations (from large MNEs to SMEs, NGOs, and Public Sector) on all matters related to cross-culture, e.g., leading across cultures, efficient cooperation in multicultural teams, trade across cultures, bridging cultures in mergers, and acquisitions, cultural transformation and Diversity, and Inclusion. She helps individuals and organizations turn challenges into opportunities positively and constructively.

She is keenly interested in neuroscience to understand human behavior and unlock potential in cross-cultural interactions. Another passion is art; as an artist, she enjoys bringing creativity into problem-solving.


Charlotta is a certified cross-cultural trainer in the Lewis Model and CultureActive, a cultural profiling tool. In addition, she has developed the Culture Helix, a science-based tool for intercultural cooperation and cultural transformation. In addition, as bringing different perspectives together has such potential, but the practicalities of harnessing the added value often prove challenging, she has developed two tools for bridging to work more efficiently across cultures, simultaneously promoting Inclusion and Innovation.

She has a degree in Social science and has also studied Business Administration at the European University in The Hague, Netherlands, and the French language at the University of Lyon, France.

She works closely with the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce and is a recurrent guest lecturer at the University of Gothenburg. Charlotta also is the founder of CueMe, specialists in culture and intercultural trainings.

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