Per-Erik Persson


Over the last 5 years, Per-Erik has worked as a consultant and has performed several assignments with content such as leadership, co-worker collaboration, coaching, facilitation and communication in both the public and the private sector. He has been involved in training doctors and supervisors in leadership development.

Per-Erik has experience as an organization developer. He shares his expertise in how to conduct meetings and processes in such a way that captures the interest of the attendants and creates a feeling of participation. Per-Erik has formerly worked with individual and group development, as a publisher and staff representative on the board of directors of a bank. Per-Erik’s strong social commitment runs as a theme throughout his life; whether in facilitation assignments, trainings or societal issues he is motivated by promoting the perspectives and voices of those who are not often heard.


ICF Professional Coach (Spanish), DiSC Trainer, Group Development, Facilitator DiSC, NLP Coach, Coaching


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